The Top 5 Profitable Niches in Ecommerce

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Stuck in a rut and can't think of other profitable niches in ecommerce? Been working the same audiences and want to branch out? These are the Top 5 Profitable Niches in Ecommerce (according to yours truly).

From years of marketing on Facebook, I have several times fallen into the habit of smashing the same niches. Typically it's off the back of having a couple of winners and with that validation, all the designs end up going to the same audience.

Whilst this isn't so good for general stores like the Teespring days, it can be a great thing when you have a specific niche store, say Photography.

Finding trending niches in 2018 is as simple as every other year. It's a matter of focus and spending time creating your entry plan.

Below I am going to show you the most profitable niches I have found and in some cases even show you the designs that dominated. Some designs will be old, some not so.

Most niches will be profitable however trying to find the product or design that cracks it wide open is often the biggest challenge.

Nurses now are quite a profitable niche for me, however, it took over 3 years to find the product that they wanted that allowed me to make over $500,000 from them in 5 months.

The Top 5 Profitable Niches in Ecommerce

Firstly, the trick here is to focus on a handful of niches (5-10 niches you know very well). Validate your designs or products to your proven audiences first before scaling out.

5. Beards

Guys love their beards. While the hipster fad of having a beard has come and gone there are still plenty of fellas out there sporting one. Those that are most proud are often the girlfriends. The purple hoodie was my first proper niche design that sold over 1000 units in a week.

That screenshot from Teespring may be old, however, it is the most successful product I have found to date in the Beard niche. What is still trending are the Beard Brands that focus on balms and ointments for those chin fluff adorning gentlemen.

Here are some interests to try:

  • Badass Beard Care – 291,010
  • Beard Life – 110,840
  • – 179,650
  • Incredibeard – 534,690
  • World Beard and Moustache Championships – 29,410

4. Ghost Hunting

These guys are crazy and whilst I don't believe in ghosts myself it is one of my favorite niches to run designs into. The added benefit of cracking these guys wide open is you have a couple of holidays you can absolutely dominate, think Halloween and Day of the Dead.

This is one of those niches that will allow you to really get your creative juices flowing. Just don't go stealing all my customers 😆

Here are some interests to try:

  • Ghost Hunters International – 729,080
  • Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files – 45,670
  • – Ghost Hunting Equipment – 56,380
  • Jason Hawes/TAPS – 474,460
  • Zak Bagans – Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) – 399,080

3. Photography

This niche actually allowed me to crush with a brand new ad account, and brand new pixel.

No ads had ever run to this product so there was absolutely ZERO optimization. It was ad number 5 on the new ad account and I had to start scaling immediately as the number of sales I was getting was absolutely ridiculous.

The platform I was using was Shine On 1.0 and was the reason I have fallen head over heels in love with Custom 3d Jewelry. If the likes of Pandora and Alex and Ani can grow to billion dollar companies then running specific niches should take it to the trillions.

Here are some interests to try:

  • Digital SLR Photography Magazine – 3,412,680
  • Outdoor Photographer Magazine – 3,814,284
  • Photography Club – 211,940
  • Photography Tips – 233,190
  • PhotographyTalk – 368,820

2. Cycling

I've found the more I get into a niche the more I want to immerse myself into the culture. For some strange reason, I now want to own a bicycle shop…not sure if it's because of the success I had with marketing or because I actually like the idea of a bike store… I think it's the marketing.


Here are some interests to try:

  • Cycling club – 724,510
  • Cycling Weekly – 1,717,175
  • – 143,200
  • Pinkbike – 2,031,730
  • – Mountain Bike Trails & Reviews – 195,330

1. Sewing

This is one of those niches that I have absolutely zero interest in yet somehow made me a lot of money. For some strange reason, I'm super keen to buy a sewing machine… Gah, I have to stop getting sucked in!

The Sewing Love necklace was my best seller on Shine On and would have to be my favorite piece that I ran on the platform. It just goes to show that you don't need to be interested in order to have success.

As with any niche you have to make sure you put yourself into the shoes of the people that you want to buy. What would you wear, what elements of the niche speak the loudest?

Here are some interests to try:

  • Cut and sew – 1,398,570
  • Sew Mama Sew – 72,180
  • – 183,170
  • Sewing circle – 279.740
  • Sewing Club – 304,350

Let's Wrap it Up

These have been the top 5 profitable niches in ecommerce for me over the past few years. The expert tip on diving into and cracking wide open any niche is time in the market and a good looking product.

Time spent researching, designing or conceptualising will pay dividends when it comes to advertising. People need to fall in love with your product. They need to have a sense of urgency of wanting to purchase it when they first see it.

Take your time and give your customers something you can be proud of selling to them.

Remember, customer comes first!

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