Pillow Profits Review – What I Learned After Making $535,294 With Their Products

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This Pillow Profits review is unlike any you will read. For starters, it will be the best as I have had tangible experience selling their products and can share that knowledge with you.

Unlike some other companies I have worked with, Pillow Profits delivers. Actually, that's probably the wrong term to use. Particularly as we'd hope they would ha. What I mean is Pillow Profits is an incredibly innovative company with amazing products.

Adam Rader (the founder) is a high-level seller himself. He has the gift in knowing what products he needs to bring to market when. This is absolute gold for any wannabe seller or a seasoned operator. I have again included him in the Trending Products of 2019 as he is continually updating his catalog with new and exciting products.

In this article, I am going to give you a complete overview of the company.

In this comprehensive Pillow Profits review, you will learn;

  • Who are Pillow Profits?
  • Are Pillow Profits Legit?
  • How Do Pillow Profits Work?
  • What do Pillow Profits Do?
  • How to Use Pillow Profits (Step-by-step guide)
  • Catalog
  • Tools & Resources
  • Success Stories
  • Shipping Times

Pillow Profits Review – What I Learned After Making $535,294 With Their Products

Who is Pillow Profits?

Pillow Profits was started by Adam Rader after he discovered that what he was selling had a lot of appeal to his friends. Friends as in, those who knew how to sell. I spoke at length with Adam in regards to how he wound up running one of the best fulfillment companies on Shopify.

Adam has a gift for finding trendy, viral products as he is a BIG seller himself. He knows what it is to be an internet marketer and what we go through when looking for products to sell.

Sign up to Pillow Profits Now 01

He was absolutely crushing with POD pillows when his mates were hounding him to source products for them as well.

This is how he stumbled into running what is now known as Pillow Profits. My success came off the back of selling a new product that he'd just brought to market. Only his top sellers had previously had access to the POD Sneakers.

Eric Tockzo from ShineOn made the intro for me and before I knew it I had created Need Those Sneakers.

So who are Pillow Profits? They are arguably one of the most innovative fulfillment platforms on Shopify.

No Pillow Profits review would be complete without a detailed video, so:

But who are they really?

Pillow Profits headquarters is based out of New Jersey with their product being fulfilled out of China. Adam is constantly back and forth to their factory to ensure everything is running smoothly.

The question everyone will be asking is whether or not Trump's removal of the postal treaty will have any effect on PP?

In response to that, it appears they are actively exploring better routes out of China.

“While we work on new products, we’re finding the best shipping routes out of China. Recently we tested a route through Taiwan and after a successful delivery, we have decided to keep this route – meaning we now ship through Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong! Wowzers!”

Whilst, they don't necessarily refer to the treaty it appears they are making sure their sellers are not impacted by any chance in the treaty. It will be interesting to see if there is a delay in deliveries with the new route.

Are Pillow Profits legit?

When I first started selling with Pillow Profits I got nervous very quickly. I was very concerned as to whether or not I was dealing with a serious company. Several times I'd asked myself “is Pillow Profits legit?”

Despite being introduced to Adam by Eric I had a lot of orders outstanding for up to 3 weeks.

Pillow Profits Review

NeedThoseSneakers took off, and I was scaling immediately after launch. At that stage, there was no express shipping and orders were taking 4-5 weeks to be delivered. To say I was concerned was an understatement as I had more than $100,000 in orders outstanding.

Adam reassured me through this whole process and let me know he had plenty of sellers that are constantly going through the same thing. That, and the fact he was working on bringing in express shipping.

I begrudgingly pushed on and put up with the sleepless nights. Eventually, the orders started to be received and the customers were absolutely stoked.

The reason I share this with you is sometimes as sellers we get caught up in whether or not a company is legit. It's a valid concern, but if you have the validation of others (who you trust) in the industry that you're working with a reputable company that should be enough.

Pillow Profits have a solid reputation and I can almost 100% guarantee you are in good hands. I will give you a 99% guarantee, like those hand sanitizers that kill 99.99% of all germs 😂

How do Pillow Profits work?

If you're new to Shopify or Print on Demand, in general, you may be asking “How do Pillow Profits work?” and it's a valid question.

Like every other fulfillment company on Shopify. You install the app, accept the $29.90 monthly charge and away you go.

Immediately, you are given access to their full product catalog. You could literally create a store around any of their products as they each have their own virality aspect to them.

In order to start selling the products, you can do 1 of 2 things. You can have your designers create the art specifically for each piece or you can tap into their massive catalog of niche ready art.

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Once you have your art ready it is purely a matter of uploading it on the product you want to sell and publishing to your store. Once it's in your store you can add any extra tags or products images you like in order to best showcase it to your visitors.

Pillow Profits mockups are available to you after signing up to their website. For each product, they have the standard image sets uploaded with each product and several others from within their resources section on their website.

There are a couple of nuances when uploading that I will go over in the how-to section below. Below I will take you through the step by step on how to upload a product and start selling with PP.

What do Pillow Profits do?

Pillow Profits takes care of your printing and fulfillment of your orders. The onus is on you to create the artwork required for Pillow Profits to create the best print quality possible on all your products.

Your obligation, or what you're effectively trying to do is to drive sales to each individual product. Once those sales come in Pillow Profits receives the order notification and it goes into production.

how the seller interacts with Pillow profits 01

If you choose their express shipping option your customer will receive their order within 2-3 weeks. If you opted for the slower shipping option then expect an increase in customer service inquiries and a delivery time closer to 4-5 weeks.

What does Pillow Profits do is best summed up to be printing and delivering your orders. The customer service is on you.

How to Use Pillow Profits

In this section of this Pillow Profits review, I am going to take you through exactly how to use the platform. It will be a step-by-step on how to create a design using a seamless pattern from Shutterstock.com.

This is the exact process I used for my first success with Shopify.

Step 1. Find/create your design

Tthe process of uploading the design to the product 01

Find a design you like on Shutterstock.com or another stock website. For this step, I am going to share the pattern that contributed to the success of my first store.

NOTE: Before you sell with any stock website, ensure you have the necessary license to do so. Most will require you to purchase the extended license.

Pillow Profits

Create the template you need. In this example, I am going to create the artwork for sneakers.

Once you have the artwork ready (with sneakers, be sure you have a left and right design).

Step 2. Upload to Pillow Profits

Pillow Profits How to

When you can I would suggest you opt for “Express-Line” products as saving the extra 2 weeks on shipping saves a lot of headaches.

Upload to Pillow Profits

Select the product you want to upload. In this case, it is my best selling Pillow Profits product.

Select Product

It is important to name your product on this screen. Choose the color sole you'd like on your sneaker. For this example, I will choose white.

Drop your Design on Sneaker

Drag and drop your design onto the correct sneaker.

Add Tags

  1. Edit description to ensure you're not creating duplicate content. Our long game means we need to think about SEO. And SEO does not like duplicate content. Sell your product to your customer.
  2. Add to the correct Shopify Collection.
  3. Add the correct tag.
  4. Edit your price. If you're selling the express (base cost $40.00) I would suggest a minimum sale price of $69.99. I sold these sneakers for $74.99 worldwide. Play with your prices and don't be scared to test.
  5. Certify that you have the rights to the image.
  6. Click Publish Product.

Step 3. Edit in Shopify

In the next screen make sure you “click to view in Shopify” in order to make further changes.

Pillow profits default is to only have one image. I would encourage you to go to their resources page and download at least 2 or 3 other views so your visitors have lots of different views.

Step 4. Start selling!

Do your thing with Facebook and start bringing in those sales.

Pillow Profits Catalog

The Pillow Profits Catalog is not huge, but it is growing. Don't be concerned by how big the catalog is, as what it lacks in quantity of products it makes up for with innovation.

What I've noticed most about Adam Rader is his ability to spot product opportunities that have amazing virality built in. You could, as mentioned previously, create a store around any individual product.

To make the most of what is on offer, I suggest you choose one design to focus on for multiple niches. Once you find you have a design that is selling then that is when you bring in other products to upsell, cross-sell or purely compliment.

At the current rate, it appears Pillow Profits is bringing in a new product every month or 2. The best time to test a new one is when it first drops. In most cases, there is no competition. No competition and great designs are a recipe for success.

The Product Range;

Pillow Profits Tools & Resources

The tools and resources section on the Pillow Profits website is like none other that I've seen in the industry. The team takes so much care in making sure their sellers have everything at their fingertips to make their job so much easier.

This is the menu from their website.

The one thing that is curiously missing is a Facebook group for their sellers. The training and guidance that Adam could provide are absolutely invaluable so it strikes me as odd that he hasn't created something to really build a passionate seller base around his service.

Pillow Profits Success Stories

Being in the industry long enough you start seeing certain brands popping up over and over. Once you've been on a platform you start to recognize exactly where these brands are sourcing their products.

As I was writing this Pillow Profits review the website I wanted to reference flashed in my mind. Wevibe sounded like the website that I needed to include.

At the time I was writing this article in a local pub. Little did I know that the brand Wevibe is actually a personal massager… Not exactly the type of research I wanted to be doing in a bar, with a couple of older ladies watching over my shoulder.

Being as reactive as I am, I opened the site, and to the sheer delight, or at least amusement, the folks behind me, saw me researching vibrators. No way of explaining that one away, I decided to order another beer and continue on my literary journey of writing my review.

The store I was actually thinking of was called “Yes We Vibe”. I bet those buggers knew full well that this was going to happen to someone one day.

Just in case you don't believe me…

Site Comparison

I'm sure you can forgive my innocence. In any case, I was able to purchase a new gift for my wife.

She loves her new pair of sneakers. 😂

Real Pillow Profits Success Stories

So now that I've found the site I wanted to reference. Yeswevibe has been around for years and is absolutely dominating. DO NOT steal their work. Feel free to use it as inspiration and create your own path.

Yeswevibe Homepage

A couple of key takeaways about their site. They have;

  • Great use of product imagery
  • Faces
  • Lifestyle images
  • Clearly defined menu
  • Strong social media presence

This is a great example of a site that is using 1 company for their fulfillment. Your focus is massive and it is clear to me that these guys are doing extremely well.

Pillow Profits Review: Pros and Cons

The only drawback that I have with Pillow Profits is the shipping times and the price associated with expedited shipping. In the whole scheme of things when comparing apples to apples, or POD to POD companies it's not at all that bad.

The express-line, unfortunately, costs an extra $8/item. While that price does seem steep you do end up saving a lot of customer service headaches so it's well worth it in the long run.


  • Innovative products
  • Adam Rader (the CEO) is a high-level seller himself so knows how to sell
  • Great profit margins
  • Amazing resources
  • Endless mockups
  • Great support
  • Free returns and exchanges (on some products)


  • Cost of some products seems high
  • Adam doesn't talk to me anymore 😭 haha.

Pillow Profits Shipping Times

Pillow Profits Shipping times have improved substantially in the past 2 years. The team is focused on delivering the best quality products as quickly as is possible.

Their shipping times have gone from 4-6 weeks to under 2. This is huge, however, it does come at a cost.

As I mentioned above you will need to select the Express-line products in order to have your items delivered within 2 weeks. This comes at a cost of $8usd per item.

Shipping times;

  • 4-6 weeks for non-express-line items
  • 10-25 Days for Express-line (usually around 2 weeks)

For a full list of shipping times for various countries check out their FAQ page.


I hope this Pillow Profits review has helped shed some light on the company. Pillow Profits is one of those companies that have been around for quite some time now. In the whole scheme of things, they are still quite a young company. But, in the e-commerce space, they could be considered veterans.

I encourage you to join them and test out the products for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well they sell and could certainly be the foundation for your own success.

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Pillow Profits Review