The Top 13 Best Shopify Apps You Need to Install in 2018


The most important tools available to us after launching our stores are the Shopify apps we choose. Below you will find the The Top 10 Best Shopify Apps You Need to Install in 2018 that I have personally used with great success.

If you've been running your store for some time this article will be a resource of shopify apps to try and with the start of the new year it's a great time to add a new one to your arsenal (such a good team btw!). If you're just starting out and need to know what the experts are using check out the list, you are in for some treats! Below, we have curated a list of the apps we are using.

If you still haven't decided on a niche be sure to check out The Top 5 Profitable Niches in Ecommerce.

Let's get started!

The Top 13 Best Shopify Apps You Need to Install in 2018

Pillow Profits

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EDIT: Pillow Profits is another FANTASTIC fulfilment platfrom that allows you to sell some crazy cool products. Pillow Profits is the company I used in my own Shopify story where I scaled a brand new sneaker store to over $500,000 in 5 months.

I have spoken to Adam Radar several times over the period of using his platform (however he is not weirdly ignoring me after I got shit canned from Facebook...). One thing I know about the lad is he is an absolute beast of a seller himself and it was only by chance that he came to be running his on fulfilment app. We all love a good entrepreneur story and this is one.

Some of the trending products he currently sells;

  • Hooded Blankets
  • Dress Hoodies
  • Shower Curtains
  • Car Seat Covers
  • Canvases
  • Luggage covers
  • And soooooo much more!

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GearLaunchIf your looking for a Shirt Fulfilment company that takes care of all your customer service (for the products they offer) and provide free refunds and exchanges then look no further than GearLaunch.

They have been around since the early days and with that comes the experience that's needed to help in creating your branded store. Good quality products, good delivery times and great customer service.

I have also arranged for any referrals that come from Storehacks to receive Silver Tier pricing which is a massive help when starting out or needing to test a new platform.

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Shine On Jewelry

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I absolutely love what Eric Tockzo has created out of New Jersey. I have worked with him for some time and know he puts everything into quality and creating the best products for his customers. That means, buyers and sellers.

That's what sets Shine On apart from so many other fulfilment companies on Shopify. Eric goes the extra mile to make sure his sellers are looked after from beginning to end.

Shine On Jewelry focuses on creating amazing, trendy pieces that women absolutely love. What these guys allow you to do is niche down in a multi-billion dollar industry in a way the big companies can't.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Best quality product available on Shopify
  • Fast shipping times
  • Made in the USA

Get Shine On Jewelry

Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

In terms of gamification and pattern interruption for people exiting your store, Wheelio is second to none. These guys have cracked the code of exit intent. The not only know how to grab the potential customers attention (and emails), they know how to convert them into a paying customer within minutes.

Wheelio presents a final offer to folks leaving your store. When the mouse pointer goes to exit the window Wheelio pops up with a Spin Wheel (Think Wheel of Fortune). The customers put in their email address for their chance to spin with the wheel stopping on offers you have pre programmed. Each is given a percentage in the backend to allow you to make sure the big offers have a lower percentage chance of being won.

The "what if I win" factor is put on steroids with this app. It's the secret of driving huge numbers of sign ups as well as conversions.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Incredibly easy way to collect email addresses, (email is one of the highest converting sales channels available to us).
  • Discounts on products from free shipping, percentage off or free giveaways are a huge motivator to driving not only signups but sales.
  • The offers are time limited. Set the timer to 10 minutes to ensure the discount code is used! The power of scarcity.

Get Wheelio


Expert Tip: Put your biggest offers closest to the ticker (that little thing that selects the prize on the wheel i.e. Free Giveaway, 40% off etc). Make sure you weight them accordingly (by percentage) and if you put it on the board make sure you are willing to give those things away. Storehacks is about being ethical!



Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

Over the years of being in ecommerce and networking one of the biggest opportunities that marketers aren't making the most of is Retargeting. If you don't want to spend the time creating your DPA ads, Customer Journeys, Abandon Cart Ads etc then Shoelace is the app for you! Shoelace is Retargeting on Autopilot, personally though, it always pays to do your own as well.

One of the coolest things Shoelace does is create journeys in order to reduce ad fatigue and increase conversion rates.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • It's not free money, but it's as close as you're going to get. Set your budget (base it on the front end traffic you're getting) and let the Shoelace team take care of the rest.
  • It uses your pixel! Shoelace setup their campaigns in your ad account (you need to give them permission) so you can benefit from the data allowing your pixel to optimise from Shoelaces expertise/conversions.
  • Integration is important and Shoelace does this with your other Shopify apps (Like MailChimp, Fomo, Conversio and others).

Get Shoelace


Expert Tip: When it comes to retargeting being innovative is key, creating ways of re-engaging with customers is crucial once they have left your site. I always run my own retargeting in conjunction with other shopify apps as there are always opportunities available. Now this is high level stuff. The first 0-3 days is the sweet spot for getting those potential customers returning and I set my retargeting up as follows;

  • 0-3 Days - Exclude Purchasers - No Discount
  • 3-7 Days - Exclude Purchasers - Exclude 3 Day Audience - 10% Discount
  • 7-14 Days - Exclude Purchasers - Exclude 7 Day Audience - 15% Discount
  • 14-28 Days - Exclude Purchasers - Exclude 14 Day Audience - 20% Discount
  • 28-90 Days - This is considered in my view the winback pocket. Steep discounts are the way back if we are going to convert this audience.

This strategy is for abandoned cart folks. Setting up retargeting for people who have already purchased is another strategy altogether with a focus on collections.


Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

Bringing you number 8 in the best shopify apps is Klaviyo. This is email marketing done correctly, it is a souped up, rocket fuelled, turbo boosted solution and has a pricing level to suit all marketers. When the likes of Jason K Williamson from E2 agency is using it you know it has to be good.

Setup takes moments and with a whole host of email sequences built in all you need to do is turn them on and watch the sales come through. With its functionality it hands down beats any other solution in the app store.

You will mop up a lot of sales just installing this app and turning the flows on.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Get started in minutes with 1-click integration and pre-designed, responsive templates for newsletters and automated flows.
  • Recapture lost sales with automated abandoned carts, browse abandonment, and winback flows.
  • If it's good enough for the experts it's good enough for you!

Get Klaviyo


Expert Tips: TBH, I can't really share any with you as I personally have never put much of my focus into it. The person to ask is Jason. Hit him up on Facebook and join his group. It is full of great tips & tricks. Join the Facebook Group Here.

Loox Reviews - Photo Reviews

Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

If you're new to ecommerce and marketing you will become very familiar with a certain term called "Social Proof". People love to see that they are dealing with a legit business. This is the perfect app to show your soon to be customers. Photo reviews of people who have brought from you and absolutely love their purchase is catnip to your audience.

This app is incredibly powerful and one of my all time favourites. When you first install Loox you will be required to create a bunch of discounts. These discounts are used to incentivise folks leave a glowing review. It also has a handy dash to tell you how much revenue it's driving.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Social proof is huge! When you have awesome products, and happy customers you create a snowball effect! Smiling customers, 5 stars and a happy review puts potential fence sitters through your checkout.
  • Showcase your customer reviews in beautiful galleries of photo reviews that can be displayed on any page of your store, including a dedicated reviews page.
  • Boost revenue with reviews by increasing conversions and driving more traffic from reviews shared to social media and SEO by integrating reviews data into search results.

Get Loox


Expert Tips: The steeper the discount the more reviews you'll get. Ensure you set the emails to go out about 1 week after expected arrival of the customers order to avoid unnecessary questions about an orders whereabouts.

Signifyd - Guaranteed Fraud Protection - MUST HAVE

Best Shopify Apps


Do you like the sound of a 100% Financial Protection on all transactions? What does that mean? It means every transaction that takes place on your website has the protection of Signifyd.

As you scale your business you will start processing more transactions, more often in more locations around the world. Without the likes of Signifyd installed on your store you run the risk of massive chargebacks.

Best Shopify Apps

Chargebacks occur from upset or dodgy customers and scammers. If you're scaling into new countries around the world you may find that your chargebacks end up escalating to the point of being uncontrollable. This is how you can make the most of the legitimate customers in those regions without risk.

Signifyd automatically reviews each order and notifies you whether to ship or not. If you get a chargeback after they've okayed something that shouldn't have they will refund you within 48 hours covering the cost of chargeback fees and shipping.

Here is why you MUST install this on your store

  • Optimised fraud Protection. All orders are reviewed in seconds and displayed in a good looking dashboard.
  • 100% Protection: Free 14 day trial. Standard pricing is 1% of guaranteed orders for the monthly service.

Get Signifyd

McAfee Secure

Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

No one wants to purchase from a store that can't be trusted. You need to make sure your customers fears are put to bed. Shopify is a great platform with lots of security features already built in. Our job as marketers is to do as much as we can to ensure our customers data is secure.

McAfee is a company that has been around for years and comes with the trust you'd expect from such a well known company.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Show visitors your online store is safe by displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark.
  • Get your site scanned for malware, viruses, and other malicious activities.
  • Increase sales and conversions by reminding visitors that your site is part of the SECURE web.

Get McAfee Secure


Best Shopify Apps

Before you fall off your seat when you see the price for Carthook let me assure you that it is worth every penny you invest. You will need an external Landing Page funnels builder like Clickfunnels or leadpages.

What Carthook allows you to do is create sales pages 100% purely focused on the product you are selling. This is incredibly powerful as it strips everything away to the absolute bare essentials. Once your customer has checked out they are then presented with an up-sell, with one click they've purchased...there's no extra adding to cart or reentering annoying details, it's one click, sold...up-sell, cross-sell...just sell.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Removes all unnecessary clutter to focus on the sale.
  • Post-purchase one click up-sells.
  • Built in Abandon Cart email sequence.

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Product Upsell

Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

Where would I be leading you if I didn't show you one of the most lucrative apps you can add to your store. Product Upsell does exactly as it suggests. The interface makes it super quick and easy to ensure the right up-sell is connected to the right product, at the right discount (if there is one).

Bold Apps have a ton of different Shopify apps available however this is the one I recommend. Everyone knows the power of up-sells, most folks just don't know which app to use.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • The #1 REVIEWED and MOST LOVED Upsell & Cross-sell app on Shopify, ever!
  • Offer relevant add-ons, or upgrade products to customers based on cart content, total $ in cart, or even a combination!
  • Promote various specials or items based on order value. Pair it with the Product Discount app and run BOGO Buy One Get One offers!

Get Product Upsell


Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

Picture this... someone comes to your store after seeing your ad or email. They read the description, check out the images, then scroll down..., they see just below a product selection of items that have been personally selected (by the app based on user data)... they now have multiple items that are perfect for them right in front of their eyes.

What this means for you is your customers inevitably add multiple items to their carts increasing your AOV! All personally recommended just for them...Feel that power?

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • Show your customers products they are more likely to buy.
  • Increases average basket size
  • Increases conversion rate.
  • Independent 3rd-party study shows LimeSpot’s patented technology increases store revenues by up to 67%.
  • Your monthly fee is waived if we drive less than 5 times your monthly subscription fee.

Get LimeSpot


Pillow Profits

Best Shopify AppsBest Shopify Apps

When it comes to great quality, fantastic customer service and top notch products you cannot pass by these guys. Pillow Profits are the company I used to launch my store to high 6 figures in the first 5 months and are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.

I have gotten to know Adam quite well and he demands quality from his products and team. When you start using Pillow Profits you will notice how much time and energy has gone into their platform, their pricing is fantastic and unique product selection put these guys at the forefront of fulfilment.

Here's why you should seriously consider using it:

  • They have a range of products from thongs/(or flip flops for you cheeky yanks), boots, high tops, bed spreads, and sneakers.
  • Seriously big margins for POD. More margin means more profit and ultimately more beach & margarita time.
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping With Destination Tracking To The United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom!

Get Pillow Profits

If you have any Shopify apps you want to add to the list make sure you comment below and explain why. This list is not exhaustive by any means, it is a guide and based on my own personal recommendations from apps I have used. The only way to find out what the best Shopify apps are is by reading lists like these from people who have had their own success.

These are obviously premium Shopify apps. Most of them do cost to use, however, with a solid strategy, work and business ethic these costs will pale in comparison to the money you make!


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